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The time was, if your business had a Facebook Page, you were special. Facebook wasn’t being fully utilized by small businesses yet, so getting your business on there gave you a great advantage.

These days, everybody and their dog is on Facebook. There are more small businesses on Facebook than there are that have their own website. If you were to ask them for their website, they’d give you their Facebook address.

hands-woman-laptop-notebookWhile it’s great to see everyone have such wide adoption on Facebook, becoming a crowded marketplace presents it’s own challenges. One of the best things to come out of Facebook in recent years is it’s emphasis on community-focused groups for advertising business information, specials and sales. Instead of having to hunt down your business by searching for it, you can bring your information to the masses by sharing your business information to these groups that your customers are already a part of.

Sapulpa has at least a dozen or more relevant Facebook Groups for businesses to post in (but of course our favorite is the Shop Sapulpa group!), so the opportunities for getting the word out are more frequent than they’ve ever been. Here are tips for getting the word out and getting noticed!

Read the Rules

The Description box often has the rules for the group. Be sure to read these!
The Description box often has the rules for the group. Be sure to read these!

The rules of each group are completely dependent on creator of the group and the admin(s) that run them. In order to keep yourself from getting flagged or possibly even banned from the group, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following the rules. To find them, look for the Description section of the group or a Pinned Post that explains the rules for that particular group.

And of course, follow those rules. Some groups only allow business advertising once a week. Some will allow you to post personal items in addition to business stuff. Some—such as Shop Sapulpa—do not.

Post to your Business Page first

How to share from your page to a group.
Click here to see how to share from your page to a group.

One caveat about groups is that they are groups of people, not businesses. So for groups who are dedicated to sharing business posts, the best thing to do is post to your business page first, and then share that to the group. This helps you out in two ways:

  1. It provides proof to the reader that you’re indeed a business
  2. It gives them a chance to find you and like your page for more great content!

When you have multiple benefits, it’s not hard to see why posting to Facebook Groups has become such a hit with small business owners. But can you do too much at one time? Yes! Read on to see how.

Engage and respond!

where-is-this-locatedOne of the things I see a lot folks do is treat their Facebook groups like billboards. They do a “pump and dump”—where you share your post to every group you can find—and then log off Facebook for the day. Meanwhile, people in these groups will reach out and comment, wanting to know about pricing or where it’s located. The original poster will not respond or answer questions, and thus a great opportunity turns into a lousy experience for a possible customer. So be sure to narrow down the groups you’re committed to, and that way, when people have questions, you can answer them!

Don’t give up

Just as you’ll only be successful in blogging or building a business if you keep at it, sharing your posts on Facebook has to be done with repetition in order to see any return on your investment. As group members get used to see you, they’ll look forward to what new things you have to share with them! Keep a schedule and stick to it, and you’ll see this pay off in big ways!

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