One word to start hitting those goals for the year


The first quarter of the year is about to wrap up. Where are you?

Where did the time go? Did you use it to get closer to those goals you set for yourself this year, or further?

By now, most of the “resolutions” people have set will have worn off. The gym is less crowded, the office is back in full-swing with the workaholics, and the dinner table is still empty.

Where are you? Where has your time gone?

Did you fully intend to do something great this year? How’s that going? Are you closer?

Or is this year looking an awful lot like last year?

I know how you feel. I’m you. My time has escaped me. I set my goals. I made my plans.

When things got tough, I mostly abandoned them.

But hope is not gone. Because thankfully, there’s just one word you need to get started again.

The DecisionBy now, many people are contemplating whether to continue their New Year’s resolutions. Many people have already given up on them. But wherever you are in your decision, rest assured you can always get back on track. That road begins with one simple word…

Posted by What’s Happening Tulsa on Monday, February 15, 2016

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