Local Daylight Donuts Shop Hopes to Start New Tradition with Funnel Cake Fridays


The Tulsa State Fair might be weeks away, but you can get a bit of the taste of the fair early, with a brand new recurring event that Sapulpa Daylight Donuts will be starting in tandem with Sapulpa’s first home football game.

Starting at 5pm, Daylight will be opening up their store on Lincoln and Mission—directly across the street from the Sapulpa Junior High—and begin serving the public with funnel cakes and fried sausage rolls.

“We’re really excited about this new event,” said Virginia Ward, who manages the store on Bryan and helps oversee the one on Lincoln. “we’re hoping to continue it for years to come.”

Ward says that the opportunity to serve the community in a new and better way was something they couldn’t pass up. “We take every day as an opportunity to serve our community, but we see this as a chance to really connect. We’ve been successful because of this town’s support and want to show ours in return.”

And before you ask—no, they won’t be opening the location at Bryan for this. “We will only be open at the Lincoln and Mission location because of it’s proximity to the school and field,” she said.

If the food’s not enough to get you to come, maybe the price will help; funnel cakes are only $2.00—at least half of what you’d get at the fair. “We’ll also have our fried sausage and cheese rolls available for the usual $1.25,” Ward said.

Naturally, we wondered if they were serving more than just the regular powdered sugar topping.

“We’ve thrown that idea around,” Ward says. “We’ve only made them with powdered sugar and that will be the standard but we can also do a chocolate drizzle for those that request it.”

In addition to the food, Fountain sodas, coffee, cappuccino and a wide variety of bottled drinks from the drink cooler will be available at normal prices.

You can only get your funnel cakes on the days that Sapulpa has a home game. That means only the following dates are available so far:

  • September 11th
  • September 18th
  • September 25th
  • October 9th
  • October 30th

For the staff at Daylight, they’re hoping that will be enough to warrant doing it again next year. “We plan to make this a local tradition and open before every home game for years to come.”

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