Featured Business: Nichols Chiropractic is a new business with years of experience


Kasey Nichols decided at some point the last year or so that she wanted to leave her employer and start her own practice. The most immediate concern is often the hardest: Does she stay here in Sapulpa or move to a place where the competition is higher, but so is the average income?

Dr. Kasey Nichols
Dr. Kasey Nichols

Ultimately, she decided to stay. Nichols Chiropractic opened on February 15 to grateful patrons, seeking relief from everything that ailed them, whether it be minor aches an pains brought on by a working lifestyle, or injuries resulting in an accident.

Tyson Lebedoff, a dentist at Sapulpa’s My Dentist branch was one of those patients. “Dr. Nichols is great,” he says. “As a dentist I suffer from the normal wear and tear that go with my job. She has really helped me out over the last couple of years with neck and shoulder pain.”

He was also one of those who was glad to see her stay in Sapulpa. “I was really excited when she opened her own practice,” he said.

The positive comments and reviews are not hard to find. Their Facebook Page displays a raving 5 out of 5 stars. “Walk-in crooked, walk-out straight!” one says. “Even my sunglasses fit better!”

Dr. Kasey Nichols says that the best part of her job is the satisfaction she gets from helping her patients, “whether it be helping someone get back to work without pain, or a mom who has a colicky baby.”

She maintains that the core standard of her practice is service and attention.

“I want to give patients the attention they deserve,” she says. “Not every patient is the same, and I want to provide care that addresses everyone’s individual needs.”

The only hangup seems to be convincing folks that she’s not actually new to the area.

“One of the biggest challenges I’m facing is letting people know that I never left Sapulpa,” she says. “I have been an active Chiropractor in this community for the past 6 years.”

After seeing what her patients have said about her service, we believe word will spread pretty quickly.

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