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One of Sapulpa’s most beloved salons has just celebrated 5 years on February 12th. We caught up with Shanna Fletcher, owner of the Balamachi Salon & Spa to ask her how she got started and how things have been in the last five years.

Balamachi, is a Choctaw word for “make it fragrant”. Shanna found the term online and thought it looked elegant, but also embodied what they are trying to do at her salon. “We are a full-service salon,” she said. “We can complete any service from head to toe.” The products that they carry—Joico, for those who are interested—promise to preserve vibrancy and moisture, while preventing damage. Add to that the Pravana’s crème hair colors they use, and the word “fragrant” definitely comes to mind. Balamachi suits them.

Balamachi's lit display window sits above Isabella's Collection on Park and Dewey Streets.
Balamachi’s lit display window sits above Isabella’s Collection on Park and Dewey Streets.

Located on Park street, above Isabella’s Collection, Balamachi actually got it’s roots much earlier—like more than 25 years earlier.

Shanna, who’s been in the salon industry since 1992, traces her scissor-snipping roots back to when she was a little girl, curling her grandmother’s at just four years old.

“I never imagined I’d be in this industry,” she said. “I worked for small loan companies for 2 years (after high school). I went to beauty college because I was bored and ended up falling in love with what I do.”

For a decision that she made when she was “bored,” it’s seems to be have been the right one.

“I guess you could say I didn’t truly fall in love with hair until I made a career out of it,” she said. And from a career, the job has blossomed into more of a family of sorts. “I have some that I have done their hair and am now cutting their children’s hair.”

Children, by the way, are very welcome at Balamachi. “I don’t want anyone to feel as if they have to leave their children at home to get their hair done,” Fletcher says. “I have a special place for children to play or watch movies.” She says that she hates when people say to her, ‘I hope you don’t mind I have to bring my kids. I don’t have a baby sitter’.

“I would be offended if they didn’t,” she says. “We are a family salon!”

Beyond being a family salon, Shanna says that she loves everything about Balamachi and the industry in general, including the way she makes people feel happy when they were feeling insecure before coming in. She loves the phone calls from satisfied customers. “They call me a few hours after they leave my salon to thank me for their hair.” She told me, “they would have several compliments over their hair before they even got home.”

And of course, she enjoys the usual thrills that come as they do to any stylist: “I love to doll the girls up right before Prom, or their Wedding,” she said.

“I love the memories that they create with (during) their big day. I enjoy being a part of my client’s life, watching their kids grow into adults. I love my career!”

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