Every Business in Sapulpa Needs to Follow These Guidelines


Although my online marketing company has been around for over ten years, I’ve been focused on engaging the local community for only about the last three. During that time, I’ve consulted and worked with dozens of local businesses and seen many of them come and go. During my experiences, I’ve learned a few key things that I believe are crucial to running and growing a business in Sapulpa.

Focus on what you do best and stick with it.

One business that I worked with a couple of years ago had a great start and following, but quickly became a victim of their own (moderate) success. Before their core business was really established, the owner began to seek out additional opportunities and began to stretch himself too thin. Consequently, his original business began to suffer and his popularity began to wane. I’m all for bringing in multiple streams of revenue, but don’t get more than one baby in the crib at a time.

Keep consistent hours that work with your peak times.

The business owner I mentioned previously made a fatal flaw just before shuttering for good in what I would say was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Their particular category of business was based on foot traffic that came in at a certain times. For whatever reason, they changed their hours to not coincide with those peak times. Their business never recovered after that. Your peak traffic times may be different (even seasonal), so it’s worth doing some experimenting to find out what they are.

Stay active on social media and engage customers.

The business arena of the 90’s is vastly different than that of today. If you’re a coffeeshop, you’re expected to have free wifi. If you’re a bookstore, you should probably have a digital copy for the Kindle. A restaurant had better have a menu online I can look at. And all of these businesses need to have an online presence and probably a Facebook Page. Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the premiere place to gather and talk about your business—be a part of that conversation.

Know the community you’re serving.

It helps to know the kind of community you have and what type of business it could support. It also helps to know the other businesses in the area. Is there a category that seems oversaturated? (Spoiler-Alert: yes!) It’s always helpful to not build a business based on an idea you might’ve had, but a real need in the community.

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