Success in business means doing the small things well.


Sapulpa Businesses, I’m going make this easy: Answer. Your. Phone.

Running a business isn’t easy by any stretch. Those of us who have to run small businesses or single-person startups are well aware of this fact. Too often, we find ourselves having to don the many hats of the business owner purely out of necessity. We got in business to make widgets, and we’re making invoices, phone calls, copies and anything but widgets.

Altogether though, there have been a few key principles that have stood the test of time, no matter how much the industry, technology or culture has changed. These things are rooted in the idea of customer service, and to ignore them is to run the risk of sealing your fate as a flake. One of the most primarily important principles is the common courtesy of answering your phone when it rings, or returning calls when you’re closed.

During an interview with another local business owner last week, I learned that she had dearly wanted to use a local sign-printing company for her awning. She called every single business she could find in Sapulpa that printed signs, and there’s more than one, I’m sure. After six weeks—six weeks! Not a single of those businesses had ever returned her call. She finally had to take her business to West Tulsa to get it done.

Let me run that by you again; she didn’t go out of town because it was too expensive or because we didn’t have the resources. She was forced to take her business elsewhere simply because these other businesses in our town wouldn’t do the simple common courtesy of returning a phone call.

I understand that everyone’s online and texting is all the rage, but these tried-and-true methods of connecting with one another by actual talking? That’s still a thing, you know. Folks, please don’t do yourselves, your customers, or other local businesses the disservice of being flaky with your customer service. Make a point to do the small things well, and I’m confident you’ll hang on to your success.

I already shared this on the Facebook Group, but it’s relevant to this moral, so I’ll share it here, too—pursue excellence in the ordinary!

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