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Tips for sharing your business posts on Facebook

The time was, if your business had a Facebook Page, you were special. Facebook wasn’t being fully utilized by small businesses yet, so getting your business on there gave you a great advantage. These days, everybody and their dog is on Facebook. There are more small businesses on Facebook than there are that have their own…

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Will this work? How to make a decision when you’re stuck.

So I’ve been facing a pretty difficult decision over at our sister site, Sapulpa Times. We’re about to open the gates on advertising, and I’ve been struggling with how to handle it. As a web designer, I tend to loathe advertising. It’s typically rampant with flashy ads that pull users away from the content. Most…

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How a first-grade teacher built a better brand than you

My son just started first grade at school and I’m extremely impressed with his teacher, Miss Honeycutt. She was polite and sweet in the way that all first-grade teachers should be, but in addition to that, she has built a brand for herself that would seriously compete with most small businesses. As a teacher, she’s wholly…

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How to use great weather to bring more business

Summer time can be an awful time for businesses. People tend to spend a lot more time outdoors or at the lake, so if you don’t have a store that caters to one of those, you’ll find yourself struggling to pay the electric bill at times. At the same time, Summer represents a real opportunity…

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