Note: This review and all relevant data has been compiled and contributed by Sapulpa native Aaron Daniel Smith. Be sure to tell him thanks!

Best Bet: Jake’s (World Class) Fireworks

tulsaThe store was my second stop of the day. The store is open and the gentleman I spoke to told me that the prices that I was in store were the exact same that I would find in the stands however the stands would have less of a variety. I have shopped at Jake’s before and I was happy to see the same low and friendly prices I was used to seeing. They have multiple adults supervising the teenagers that assist you in your orders. They have rollers where you can set your basket on and just roll to the next section. Overall Jake’s had the best prices beating out the three other stands and one store I visited. They have a large variety in store. I feel that compared to the other store I visited, it was easier to differentiate as they have their product in individual bins. One of the main things that drew me to this location as the best is that pretty much everything is able to be purchased individually. You do not have to buy the pack, instead you can, get a few of these, a couple of those, and even one each of this. Lowest prices, coupled with large variety, my kind of place. They also have a rewards system, which is free to sign up. You get a card for your wallet and a key ring card. I was told that they were good at all three locations. I was told that freebies were given after an accumulated $250 was spent. They roll over until July 5, 2016. If you are not a big spender the extra few minutes to sign up may not be with, but for a lover of fireworks as myself, it is totally for me.

Jake’s tents

11125191_864457133601342_416500363_nThe variety at the tents is a bit smaller than at the store but that can be expected. Everything that I had on my list to price, I was able to find at the tents. They do individual pieces like the store does, which is awesome.


Jake’s stand

11668167_864457410267981_364461673_nThe inventory here is a lot smaller because of the lower amount of space. However, like the tents, I found everything I had on my list. Because of space restrictions, some items that can be found individual at the store and tents are only being offered in packages.

Get it While They’re Here: Akdar Shriners

The thing I liked most about this stand is that they are doing it for the kids. This stand is run by the Akdar Shriners Mini Chopper Unit. The money goes back to the Shriners. The selection was a bit limited as they offer a different brand of fireworks. Update: We’ve since learned that the Shriners will be relocating next year, location is TBD.

Experienced and Faithful: TNT

This was my first stop of the day, wanting to start with the furthest out I stopped by here first. While this company does have a stand as well in Sapulpa, their prices do vary. This is the home of the Buy 1 Get 1 free. Almost everything here is a BOGO. They do have a few Buy 1 Get 2 free. I got a bit of a headache while in here. They do have everything broken down by style or type, however except for layout restrictions everything is run together, not in separate bins or broken up. Pretty much like you would find in a stand. While they do offer a BOGO, you might find that a lot of their prices are raised to give the feel of a good deal. That is until you calculate the price per piece. They did have a large variety, selection, and lots of young people on hand to help you locate what you are looking for.

TNT’s Stands

I visited this stand last night before I started my reviews. I did go back today and this was my last stop. The folks that run this stand are not the same people that have done it for the last 10 plus years. Something about the tribal ceremony dates change so they could no longer do it. It is a nice couple and their kids with them. I’m sure that when business picks up they will have some more people there. I am a big fan of parachutes, and they did not have them, and my not receive them, that was a big disappointment. They offer a Buy 1 Get 1 free on some of their items. Their selection is good, and they have little bit of everything. They not have a few of the more common small items; however they have similar items that can be substituted.

Disappointing: Big Blast

11667121_864458153601240_1361399557_nThis stand was the biggest disappointment for me. I have been a huge fan and patron of Big Blast the last few year. I went last night, and found that the main item I was looking for has a price tag almost doubled from last year. This stand is run by a men’s church group, and some of the money made they get to keep. I like coming here to help a good cause, but sometimes you have to worry about being wise with your money as well. They have not received all of their inventory, and are not sure if they will be getting it. I went back here as my third stop. Hoping that unlike last night I might be able to be more satisfied like I had been in the years past. Due to the shorter inventory, they have spread the product out more to appear like they are full. Several items weren’t priced, and some items in stock were not in display yet. They did have a few items that other stands did not have. So if you are trying to find something that you can’t find anywhere else, be sure to stop here. I am disappointed with this stand this year as I have been a faithful here.

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