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Featured Business: Our Family Bakery

This week at the Sapulpa Main Street Route 66 Farmers Market I met Lisa, from Our Family Bakery, who has operated out of Sapulpa for the last two years. The assortment of goodies was awesome: all manner of baked breads, cookies and mini-pies were available, including banana, pumpkin and chocolate chip. I was fascinated to learn however,…

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How to use great weather to bring more business

Summer time can be an awful time for businesses. People tend to spend a lot more time outdoors or at the lake, so if you don’t have a store that caters to one of those, you’ll find yourself struggling to pay the electric bill at times. At the same time, Summer represents a real opportunity…

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Sapulpa’s Fireworks Stands and Where to Get Yours.

Note: This review and all relevant data has been compiled and contributed by Sapulpa native Aaron Daniel Smith. Be sure to tell him thanks! — Best Bet: Jake’s (World Class) Fireworks Main store located in West Tulsa on Skelly Drive Stand located in Sapulpa on Taft next to QuikTrip Tents on Hwy 97 just past…

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Every Business in Sapulpa Needs to Follow These Guidelines

Although my online marketing company has been around for over ten years, I’ve been focused on engaging the local community for only about the last three. During that time, I’ve consulted and worked with dozens of local businesses and seen many of them come and go. During my experiences, I’ve learned a few key things…

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