4 reasons you need new small biz ideas


If you already have a business or already have an idea for your next business, you might think you don’t care about other small business ideas. I can think of four reasons that you ought to be looking for new business ideas.

  1. Improvement.
    Every business, every day, can stand to improve. Be on the look out for ideas that let you do what you do now, only better.
  2. Innovation.
    Now we’re talking about making something new. Take the best elements of ideas you hear, and use them to create an innovative new way of doing business.
  3. Expansion.
    Let’s add on. Use a business idea to complement your existing business, expanding in a new way.
  4. Change the Game.
    A new business idea can change everything in your business, take you to a whole new area, or completely shift your paradigm.

So even though you thought you were all finished with the small business idea search, you’d be smart to keep some new ideas feeding into your head.

Where do you get new ideas?

Becky McCray

Becky McCray has a store in Alva, Oklahoma, and cattle ranch south of town. Download her 20 Small Business Ideas for Small Towns here http://smallbizsurvival.com/news

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